$TT 156.00

Digest Plus it is the result of extensive investigation in the field of biochemical engineering, which has been able to extract and to specialize several chains of non-pathogenic, super-concentrated microorganisms and reinforced with cleaner agents and special fragrances for immediate odor control.

Produced and packed in the USA. Authorized for use in establishments operating under the Federal meat and Poultry Product Inspection Program of the USDA. Registry

USDA 69663. 100% biodegradable, this product contains seven strains of bacteria that produce enzymes necessary for degradation of soils, organic oils and food by-products from grease traps, septic tanks, downpipes, drain lines, portable toilets, recreational vehicles, sump pumps, marinas, wet wells. Reduces odors and suspended solids. Do not contain acids or caustics and is non-polluting.

This products can also be use alter treatment with sulfuric acid drain openers to prevent future clogging and residual hydrogen sulfide.

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