PAYMENT GATEWAYS makes it easier for your customers to purchase your goods and services by providing a variety of Payment Options


Have your goods delivered by our professional couriers especially when paying C.O.D or by TTPOST Couriers.  FREE SHIPPING 5 TO 7 Days



NOTE:  Shipping charges are based on item weights that are LESS than 60lbs.

For items in excess of 60lbs – a shipping fee of TT$4.00 per additional lb will be charged. This supersedes the FREE option but is limited to TT$500 



The “CASH ON DELIVERY” option is now available nationwide Trinidad 

Please note that there may be areas that are deemed to be hotspots for crime and proximity shipping may be preferred.





Note: The average processing time is stated in business days. However, please bear in mind that there may be a number of factors delaying delivery, the main being supplier lead time, supplier location and road restrictions. Thank you for choosing