Trending: Metallic Lips

Metallic lips aren’t as cray cray as you’d think. It’s not a burst of gold or silver covering your precious pout. Instead, think of this trend as a revival of the frosted lips of the sixties and seventies, but with a contemporary spin. So, it’s frosted on fleek.

Wearing a metallic lip will pull focus to your mouth, so make sure to keep the rest of your face rather matte (shimmer on shimmer on shimmer is no bueno). You can do dewy, but not shimmery. It’ll take away from the metallic effect.

When choosing your shade, opt for a color that would wear IRL, like a mauve or plum — then find one with a metallic finish. Maybelline makes some of our favorite (and affordable) lip sticks (they’re actually paints, so they last longer, too!). Kylie Jenner, of course, created a line of metallics as well; these are a bit more bold and colorful, so if you’re wanting to inch into the trend, steer clear. Anastasia gives good metal mouth, too (although a bit more sheer). MAC has a line of metallic lipsticks that range from everyday wearable to artistic, fun, and not safe for the normal person. We love Pale Rose and Jupiter for a hint of frosted metal in almost-nude shades. Lancome’s Le Metallique Metallic Lip Lacquer is brimming with color and hi-shine gloss. Try Brushed Gold for a whisper of easy-going golden gloss and Molten Magenta for a full stop metallic wine hue. Of course, for those without fear, opt for Pat McGrath Labs Lust Everything Lip Kits that include a lipstick with a separate pot of metallic glitter. It’s the Holy Grail of metallic lips (sadly, sold out at present). But you can DIY it by wearing your favorite matte or glossy shade of lipstick and adding a corresponding makeup glitter on top, like Make Up For Ever Glitters that can be worn on eyes and body, too.

We’re bound to see many, many more celebs and fashionistas rocking the metal mouth look this fall — stay tuned for more brooding autumn shades like crimson, oxblood, and aubergine.

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