A shop that started with its aim to help the artisans of Rural India who lacked sufficient food, clothing and other basic necessities, by exposing their unlimited talents to this part of the world.  The shop has been in existence for 10 years and now offers a variety of unusual items from around the globe.





From conception, our hearts were geared towards helping the less fortunate in the world.  We concentrate mainly on reaching out to the ones often neglected and forgotten by society.   We act alone and are not associated with any organisation.  Via our helpers of the particular chosen countries, we offer help to those in need, all through the year.  Our helpers are people we know personally and do all the ground work in assuring the cases are genuine and reporting to us.  Then we proceed in asking the public for assistance for the relief of the people.

At the end of the entire process, our helpers will then provide us with a full report and if possible pictures, which will be posted on our Facebook page,  to show all what was done with the money or items collected.  We believe in providing 100% accountability for every amount and item collected and can be viewed by all.

As we continue, in our own small way,  the pathway of trying to make life easier for those in Trinidad and Tobago and across the globe, we simply ask for your support, however one can, in order to provide ease and comfort to the lives of our brothers and sisters throughout.