Veleka Pineapple Cut and Core

$TT 45.00

Cut & Core fresh Pineapple With Easy Pineapple Core and Cutter

The Pineapple cutter makes this job easier by Slicing and Coring at the same time.

It also minimizes westage of Pineapple. The super sharp blades make this item incredibly easy to used.

A plastic cover is included for safe storage.

How to use,

1. Cut, top and bottom of Pineapple

Cut,pineapple in half length wise with knife

2. Center blades, over one pineapple half, while pushing down rock corer to completely cut the fruit .repeat on the half.

3. Cut pineapple in to desired slicer or wedges.

Temporary Covid closure, please forgive the inconvenience.
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