Summer Love

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Summer Love can be associated with confessional
poetry, the poetry of the personal or “I.” 

This genre of writing was born in the late 1950s and early 1960s and is
with Pioneering poets such as Robert Lowell, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, and W.
D. Snodgrass. Lowell’s book, Life Studies, was a highly personal account of his
life and familial ties and had a significant impact on American poetry. Plath
and Sexton were both students of Lowell and noted that his work influenced
their own writing.

The confessional poetry of the mid-twentieth century dealt with topic
that previously had not been openly discussed in American poetry. Private
experiences with and feelings about death, trauma, depression, and
relationships were addressed in this type of poetry, often in an
autobiographical manner. That phenomena were clearly Seen and felt in this
particular anthology “Summer Love “most of the included texts reflected the
psychological aspect of poetry, as well as the psychological state of poets.

The confessional poets were not merely recording their emotions
on paper; craft and construction were extremely important to their work. While
their treatment of the poetic self may have been ground-breaking and shocking
to some readers, these poets maintained a high level of craftsmanship through
their careful attention to and use of prosody.

The confessional poets of the 1950s and 1960s pioneered a type of
writing that forever changed the landscape of American poetry. The tradition of
confessional poetry has been a major influence on generations of writers and
continues to this day; Omatee Ann Marie Hansraj is a contemporary poet whose
writing largely draws upon her existential experience., Her poems translated
the voiceless voice she dealt with Self-estrangement, disappointment,
loneliness, and broken promises, Ann Marie is the delegate of the female voice she diving deep inside women ‘s inverse, and she expresses their pain, need, their
love, and their struggle, 

Some other poets who are enlightening “summer love” were storytellers, they confess and depict their love journey with their ups and
down , in some texts ,they celebrated, in other they regretted their love.

Confessional poets in “Summer’s Love” wrote in direct, colloquial
speech rhythms and used images that reflected intense psychological
experiences, often culled from childhood or battles or breakdown. They tended
to utilize sequences, emphasizing connections between poems.

Imen Melliti

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