Apex Fitness Training Squat bar

$TT 2,325.00

The squat bar designed by APEX Fitness reduces imbalance. It also reduces discomfort when doing barbell front squats, back squats, and lunges. This is perfect for serious weightlifters. 

This Olympic bar offers durability and long-lasting performances. This makes it perfect for bench presses, squats, and deadlifts. 

When heavy loads are lifted, an anti-slip, tight, secure grip is offered by the knurling. Revolving sleeves that have bushings allow a smoother turn when lifting. It helps for pressure to be reduced on the forearms and wrists. 

This squat bar will target muscle groups that will provide full-body workouts. Having a built-in harness that is padded, this bar divides the load through a large part of the upper body. It eliminates discomfort and pinches points in the shoulders and neck. These are commonly found with the traditional power and squat bars. 

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