So Soap DIY – Soap Factory

$TT 200.00

  • Mix and make your own frosted soaps with a collectible character toppers!
  • This kit comes with everything you need…Just add water!  you can make 6 frosted soaps!
  • Mix up the cream “frosting”.  you can mix your own colors and scents.
  • Fill your scented cream frosting mixture into the frosting machine.
  • Press and swirl the cream onto the scented soap base. Add sprinkle decorations and a cute character topper!
  • This set includes 1 soap factory workstation, mixing bowl, 2 mixing tools, 3 bottles of scented colorant, 2 Decoration storage containers, 2 surprise Character toppers,  4 surprise mini toppers, 6 scented soaps, 6 bags of cream powder, 3 different frosting tips, 3 bags of decorative sprinkles, 1 measuring spoon, 1 sticker sheet and instructions.

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