Rechargeable Emergency LED Bulb 9W 6000K

$TT 50.00

  • ? READY FOR POWER OUTAGES – Keep your home bright even during a power outage. Housing a built-in battery, these rechargeable light bulbs automatically turn on once you get hit by a blackout.
  • ? USE LIKE A REGULAR LIGHT BULB – These light bulbs with battery fit in any standard E26 socket. Use it just like a regular light bulb, which you can turn on or off using your light switch.
  • ? BRIGHTEN UP YOUR ROOM – Enjoy a brighter living space with this 9-watt emergency LED light bulb. It produces 850 lumens in 120v AC mode, making it an ideal source of illumination for any room.
  • ? TOUCH TO LIGHT UP – To turn on these emergency light bulbs, all you need to do is tap the bulb to enjoy a bright, safe, and clear light. Hang it up using the supplied mounting hook cap which converts the bulb into a portable and wireless lamp.
  • ? LONGER LIFESPAN – Tired of using light bulbs that burn out or flicker after just a few weeks of use? This LED battery light bulb is designed to work continuously for up to 25,000 hours.
  • N.B: Each bulb is checked to ensure it is working according to manufacturer specifications prior to shipping

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