Lime-Off : Limescale Remover for Bathrooms and Kitchens 4L

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LIME-OFF is a non-abrasive, acidic based cleaner that quickly and easily dissolves limescale, rust, soap scum and other hard water deposits. It can be used throughout the bathroom and kitchen on surfaces and items such as urinals, tile walls, shower walls, showerheads, sinks, restroom fixtures, tea kettles, pots and pans. After use, objects and surfaces are sparkling clean without scrubbing. LIME-OFF can also be used to descale washing machines which increases the lifespan of the appliance.

• Quickly dissolves limescale, rust and soap scum
• Removes stains caused by residual alkaline cleaners
• Excellent descaler for any stainless steel or aluminum kitchen appliance
• Ready-to-use formula

For bathroom and kitchen use: Wear household gloves. Apply LIME-OFF with a damp sponge, cloth or trigger spray and agitate with brush or sponge. Use full strength for heavy mineral deposits and stains or mix with equal parts of water. Rinse surfaces with clean water promptly after use.

N.B. LIME-OFF may etch some ceramic tiles, tubs and sinks if left in contact too long. If in
doubt, test small surface area first. Avoid contact on coloured grout.

For other uses: Use LIME-OFF full strength to clean pots and pans, rinse thoroughly with potable water. To clean and descale a washer, fill and set machine to wash, add 1 cup of LIMEOFF and complete cycle.

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