Monopoly Junior

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Junior Monopoly game is like the classic game, but it is accessible
and exciting for younger players. It’s fast, easy and is full of
surprises. Children choose their favorite Junior laborer and learn how
to go through the box out, buy property, and collect rent. The only
airline make transactions fast and easy.

First, players choose how fantastic pawns want to play. The game of
Monopoly Junior comes with 4 classic pawns before they get older. Then
the children will make an exciting race with their pawns around the
board buying properties as they love Gelato, Shop toys, and skate track.

For them it is fun to put a sign on his own property sold. Letters of
luck I reveal unexpected benefits, but beware! They can also make a
player to pay when you least expect it. And who knows when someone is
sent directly to jail?

– 1 board
– 4 pawns
– 20 letters of Luck
– 48 signals “sold”
– 90 bills
– 1 dice
– 4 cards pawn
– Game guide

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