Mini Sealer Sealing Machine Portable for Plastic Bags Vacuum Air Sealing Food Preservation Food Storage, Chips, Candy, Snack Clip Fans

$TT 45.00

  • KEEP YOUR FOOD FRESH — Now you can take your time going through a family size snack bags. Reseal your bag with your gadget and your food will keep its freshness.
  • EASY TO USE — You just need to install 2 AA size batteries and your device is ready to go. Sealing plastic bags professionally now only takes a few seconds. With built-in magnet you can keep your mini plastic bag heat sealer on your fridge door and use it whenever you need it.
  • MINIMIZE WASTAGE — With this gadget you can stop wasting food keeping your food in original packaging.
  • MULTI-APPLICATION — Plastic bag mini vacuum sealer machine is good not only for sealing your food. You can use to seal virtually any plastic bags. You can always seal the bag to avoid loosing small items such as beads, bolts, watch batteries, loose gemstone and any other small parts
  • MINI SIZE — Take the food saver anywhere you go. Use vacuum sealer in your kitchen to seal and keep your food fresh, or use the heat sealer in the office to organize your messy desktop or take vacuum sealers to a barbecue or camping. Does not take up any space, very lightweight and takes seconds to use
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