Flying Elsa *not musical*

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Do you believe magic is real? frozen elsa has chosen you to help her fly. Help her fly with your hand gestures. She’s really flying! Fly over your hands. 

This toy is very exclusive. very suitable for your child frozen fans. 

Elsa dolls have wings like flying fairies. This toy looks very graceful and very cool when played. When I tried at my son’s house and my employees were all on the shouting when I saw the elsa could fly high. 

Flying Frozen Disney product specifications: 

– Doll height and buffer 23.5cm 

– Large box 28x14x20cm 

Instructions for use: 

please read the usage manual before using 

in general how to play this frozen flying elsa: 

1. Slide the on/off button on the skirt, once it is on turn the propeller part and release 

2. keep the balance of the doll, when the frozen flying elsa doll is flying and will go down sundul telapang feet with the soles of our hands 

3. Elsa doll that flies must be charged. 25 mnit to play for 6 minutes. 

charge can be done with a laptop by connecting a usb cable that can be to the plugs in this flying elsa.

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