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Book of quotes, poems, letters and messages. Written in its purest form as it comes to mind. As a momentary expression of one’s feeling.
It is easy to read by anyone Simple and easy to understand.
Her style in writing is deep her readers could easily imagine visualize or paint a picture of what is written this is captured not only in her novels but also in her poetry and quotes.
Her natural unique style has a profound thoughtfulness combined with real-life situations that cover the sweetness and bitterness of life itself as it is.
There is sadness and human passion of happiness and its tendency of joy and happiness and desire in all aspects possible in its natural way in human grief, sickness, youthfulness, aging, and beautiful expression of love hardship pain, sacrifice, and happiness.
It covers a wide range of natural and narrative subjects and situations faced in life. Readers could feel her passion and her literary taste in writing by her spontaneous informal deeply thought and deeply felt style in her work.
Her style and the method which is used to convey meaning, tone, and emotion in poetry and novels is refreshing. With her unique literary style and details to it paints a picture with words this process provides her readers with descriptions of people, places, objects, and events through the use of suitable details from her written words and usage in her style and unique way of expression in her writing owning the right to her independent literary status

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