Cotton Candy Floss Sugar- 3lb

$TT 75.00


Irresistibly light and sweet cotton candy is sure
to draw a crowd of customers at your concession stand, fair, or midway. Keep up
with the demand and produce 100+ cones with one 3lb bag of this floss sugar
cotton candy mix!

Unlike floss sugar concentrate, this cotton candy
mix is ready to pour directly into your cotton candy machine. With no mixing
required, this pre-mixed product contains a premium blend of sugar, flavouring,
colouring. Its eye-catching colour offers a classic look, while its flavour
adds just the right amount of fruity sweetness.


When you're changing cotton candy flavours and colours
throughout the day for eye-catching displays, you can reclose the easy-to-store
floss sugar to keep the product fresh.

Ready-to-use floss sugar solutions like this one
is the number one choice for almost ANY EVENT !. It saves time and produces
fantastic, sticky-sweet cotton candy with melt-in-your mouth taste. All your
patrons need is the sweet aroma and delightful sight of fluffy, light, and
fresh cotton candy twirled high atop a paper cone, and they'll want their own!


In fact, cotton candy boosts impulse sales and yields
one of the highest profit returns. Bursting with fruity flavour, this floss
sugar produces consistent results with every sugary sweet serving.

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