Cindy’s Drink2Shrink

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  The Drink2Shrink formula is one of the most powerful drinks on the planet. Not only does it aid in weightloss, our #drink2shrink formula helps reduce diabetes and regulate blood pressure.

 Detox and lose weight naturally! Drink2Shrink is formulated to effectively and gently detoxify,
cleanse, and restore balance to the body. Regular use of this unique, 100% organic, caffeine-free herbal drink has been found to improve overall well-being and digestive health. Plus, it can promote rapid weight loss
much more effectively than Chinese green tea…making it the perfect kick-start to any weight loss plan. Other
reported health benefits include increased energy, mental clarity, and natural resistance to illness. 

RECOMMENDED USE: Drink 4-8 ounces of the prepared tea two to three times a day. 

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