Lotion Bar tube

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Lotion Bar tube

This stylish 2 oz natural twist up tube is perfect for lotion bars. Dial up design and screw on top keeps product safe until ready for use!

Height: 5″. Diameter: 1 1/2″.
Suggested Shrink Band: 80 x 55.
Label Area: 3” tall x 5” around.

Filling temps (plus or minus 5 degrees):
125 degrees for a deodorant or lotion bar (product w/out alcohol)
140 degrees for an antiperspirant
Filling with a solution that is too hot can warp the plastic & damage the mechanisms. Containers are not “water tight”, so pouring too hot can also cause leaking (until the formulation solidifies). Compatibility testing is always recommended as well as twisting up and down prior to use to ensure that the tubes work properly. If the solution placed in them is too thick or pasty, the twist mechanism cannot freely move product up and down.

BPA Free

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