Tussah Silk – 10grams

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Tussah Silk 

  • Tussah Silk is the perfect additive to help your cold process soap stand out! When added to cold process soap, Tussah Silk gives your finished product a better shine, a silkier feel and a better lather. Tussah Silk also add the label appeal of silk amino acids!
  • DIRECTIONS: Pinch off amount required for your formulation. Average usage is a cotton ball size pinch for a 5lb batch of cold process soap. Dissolving Tussah Silk in your Lye water can be tricky. You can pull apart into small strands or chop finely to help dissolve. Add strands directly into your lye solution. Soaking the silk in water before adding this to your lye solution may further help it dissolve completely.

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