Shrink Wrap Bags -100bags

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Shrink Wrap Bags

  • Easy to use: Shrink packaging bags have an opening to place items, and then use heat or heat tunnels to shrink. PS: The hair dryer is the last choice because of its unsatisfactory shrinkage 
  • High-quality material: It is made of non-toxic, tasteless, transparent and beautiful pvc, allowing you to see the contents clearly. Not easy to tear and break. It can be used multiple times to seal the item to keep it fresh or shrink for storage. It can also prevent scratches, dents and product damage, retaining the fresh smell.

  • Wide range of applications: suitable for packaging clothing, bedding, books, heat shrinking puzzles, stationery, photo frames, soap making supplies, bombs, oil bottles, cosmetics, CD DVD boxes, shoes, wine bottles, gifts, candles, small gift baskets, homemade DIY Crafts for sale. 
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